What is technical definition?


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    Technical definition is a definition which is formal, final, and especially, based on facts and also understandable

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    once upon a time, there lived a huge elephant in a jungle. he was arrogant and always underestimated animals smaller than him. in the same jungle, there lived a family of ants. every morning, they would go in search of food and on their way back, they would always see the elephant troubling other animals.the ant and the elephant

    one day, when the ant family was coming back collecting their food, the elephant sprayed a trunk full of water on them. “you shouldn’t hurt others like this” cried one of the ants. “shut up you, tiny ant ! keep quiet or i will crush you to death” said the elephant angrily. the poor ant kept quiet and went on its way. but she decided to teach the proud elephant a lesson.

    next day, when the elephant was sleeping, the tiny ant slowly crept into the elephant's trunk and started biting him. the elephant woke up and tried everything to get the ant out his trunk but could not. such a big animal but he could not do anything to get the tiny ant out.

    the ant and the elephant the elephant started to cry and begged sorry to the ant. “i hope now you understand how others feel when you hurt them” said the ant. “yes, i do. yes, i do” cried the elephant and pleaded the ant to come out. the ant took pity on the elephant and came out of his trunk. from that day onward, the elephant never troubled any animals.


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    You cannot change the past but you can change the history.. we cannot go back to the past to change what happened; example you did something you cannot change it, but do great in the history or change it next time; do something (i'm not good at english please check the spelling and the grammar) that's all according to
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