On sonnet 29 ?
by george santayana
whats is the figurative languages
1.)figurative comparisons (similes and metaphors)
2.)exaggeration for a dramatic effect (hyperbole)
3.)human traits given to nonhuman things and ideas (personification).


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    One thing that is unique about sonnet 29 by George Santayana is that the topic is social and communal rather than individual and romantic. This is a poem in which the poetic speaker defends himself from pessimistic elements in his society who see death and suffering as inherently tragic.

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    The poet addresses the poem to wealthy people who consider wealth as an indispensable thing and use them to overrule poor people.


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    Desiring  this man's art, man's scope, with what i most enjoy contented least. that then  i scorn to change my state with kings.sonnet 29 is one of 154 sonnets written by the english playwright and poet WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE...
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    Its takes happy because of the rhyme.
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    Poor- A
    sad- B
    glad- B
    sure- A
    endure- A
    had- B
    mad- B
    pure- A

    bread- C
    save- D
    said- C
    brave- D
    dead- C
    grave- D
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    She is Sheerin Alcantara
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    Sonnet 29 is a very inspiring sonnet that one everyone can identify. Although it is somehow saddening and depressing at one point or another, the story of the poet about his childhood exoeriences and true friendship is really compelling.
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    That the narrator of the poem is questioning the reasons of why this person believes the narrator is "poor'' and ''sad''.
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    The man is depressed because he is unfortunate and wishes to be like someone better than he
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    The rhyme scheme of Sonnet 29 is iambic pentameter.
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On sonnet 29 ? by george santayana whats is the figurative languages 1.)figurative comparisons (si...