What is different parts of newspaper


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    There are 11 parts of a newspaper.

    General NewsLocal and Foreign AdsBusiness SectionHome and Culture SectionSociety SectionOrbituaryTravel and Tourism
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    Don't use theapp my dear use your brain and trust your own thought and work.

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    Central Dogma:
    DNA codes for RNA which codes for certain proteins
    (DNA--> RNA--> Proteins) 

    Each cell in an organism has the same DNA, but their different functions are caused by the variety of proteins within the cell. Each gene codes for a specific protein. 

    When RNA molecules form during transcription, they will 'copy' certain genes that code for specific proteins by creating the complementary nucleotides for that gene (codons).

    During the next step (translation), these codons on the RNA are translated to specific amino acids which form proteins!

    In different types of cells, the RNA will copy only certain genes. By doing so, RNA can make sure that certain proteins for a specific function are produced! 

    I hope that helps in some way :) 
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What is different parts of newspaper...