Reaction paper about mind your motive


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    the poet gives us a hint that she didn't love him (it was a false pity)  

    normally when a person hits an arrow,, he bends the bow and releases the arrow  

    but when its unbent,, he cant release the arrow  

    but here, the wound is already given by the false love  

    so the poet is trying to convey the following message  

    its a wound of love  

    even if the bow(cupid's) is unbent now,,the wound bleeds on  

    the wound of love is dangerous than a physical wound  

    he showed us how much he loved her and how much pain he felt after that

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    If your studying then it will distructed your studies and you meet many people you dont know
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    Loving, Cruel, and Wise

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    Nasisira nito ang karagatan dahil kapag ang isang tao ay nag mu-muro ami ay pinupukpok niya ang bahura na tirahan ng mga isda. At kapag nasira na ang mga bahura ay mawawalan na rin ng mga tirahan ang mga isda.

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