Determine the rhyme scheme. draw a line


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    They have given the gift to the kids.
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    Im not sure about this but:
    -a book is a dream that you hold in your hands
    -reading forces you to be quiet in a world that no longer makes places for that
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    Avisit to qunu in south africa will give you a glimpse into the life of neson mandela. eight miles west of qunu is mqhekkezweni great place heritage site underwhose great trees mandela learned about history and politics from chief dalindyebo when he was under his tutelage when he was an adolescent. this was the foundation for the struggle against white racist rule in south africa. after enduring 27 years in prison and winning a five year term in the first democratic elections as president. mandela opted to retire to his hometown. here he built a replica of the small dwelling wherein he was detained for the last two years of his prison sentence. this coral colored compound was later developed intoa larger and less astute residence. it stands near the n2 highway. and finally you can see the mandela family graveyard where all the mandela family relatives are laid to rest.
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    My supervisor. because if we made mistakes according to work, she dont care if who people's around listening she will punish you even if your in front of her she will shout and shout until you will feel shy to your workmates. thats why because of her im striving to move forward and never make mistake. so im thankful w/her
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Determine the rhyme scheme. draw a line...