What is the brief story of the hunger games? ​


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    Decentralization of what? please specify
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    The central  conflict  in “the  lottery” is the external  conflict  of person vs. society, because it is the traditions of the village that cause tessie hutchinson to be killed, and one other person a year before her. no one knows the original purpose of the  lottery.
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    Atale of two cities, by charles dickens, deals with the major themes of duality, revolution, and resurrection. it was the best of times, it was the worst of times in london and paris, as economic and political unrest lead to the american and french revolutions. the main characters in dickens'  a tale of two cities  —  doctor alexandre manette,  charles darnay, and  sydney carton  — are all recalled to life, or resurrected, in different ways as turmoil erupts.
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What is the brief story of the hunger games? ​...