What is your greatest strength? have any of your recent actions demonstrated this strength?


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    My determination to learn


    Iv'e been at the school recently to LEARN.

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    Strength, weaknesses, opportunity, and threats


    Sana tama

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    God and Family


    My family, because they always support me

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    having a healthy mindset


    Not all have a healthy mindset, to overcome your weaknesses one must posses a healthy mindset so that he/she could make a wise decision making. A persons weakness could make him/her suffer from stress and could lead to depression. To overcome your weakness/es it should start from you by thinking positively and thinking of solutions rather than being defeated by your weakness and or problem.

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    Make It Own answer Bc It Say Write 5 Among Your Greatest Strength ._.

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    my family is my greatest strength because they're the ones who gave hope when I'm hopeless and gave strength to me when l feel down.

  • Réponse publiée par: aimeedelacruz24

    My Guardians and God


    They help build inspiration for me to move forward in life to pursue and achieve goals I partake.

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    My three greatest strength

    my family,friends,and GOD

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    That is up to you if what's your greatest strength

    Just ask yourself if what's your strength.

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What is your greatest strength? have any of your recent actions demonstrated this strength?...