What have you learned about formalism


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    Idon't think it.help that to your mom and go to sleep first.and then wake up 1: 00pm then sleep 3: 00pm to think that,okay? so go sleep first before study.relationship first before study.
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    There are many ways. you can search for online games that may help improve your grammar, or search for apps and/or websites who really helps you with that. also, try reading english (english only. classic books are better.)  books. that was how my grammar improved, because a.) there are many words i don't know that i can search and b.) i kind of got used to  what i'm reading so i can feel if something is wrong or not. hope this helps : ) xx
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    They made him dead to rapture and despair
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    Old long lost friend that celebrates their friendships
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What have you learned about formalism...