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What was admirable about david? if you were in his place, would you do the same thing, even if it would mean putting your life at the risk? why or why not? of the story is the stranger​


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    Idont understand your question but maybe the answer is joy or anything that makes you happy
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    Collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity are the 4 Cs of a 21st-century learner, according to the Partnership for 21st Century Learning.

    Collaboration  (Global Citizens)

    They are involved in conversations and issues that need to be tackled on a global scale. For example, health concerns, environmental protection, and economic growth.  

    Encouraging this mindset across all subjects will help prepare students for the rapidly globalizing economy and the growing need for worldwide collaboration.

    Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking skills will also be essential in the future work environment where constant tech change will require fast adaptation. Students need to have the ability to make connections between arguments and knowledge sources. Interpreting this information and drawing intelligent conclusions will allow them to reflect critically on processes and create better experiences.


    Students access to social media and other communication platforms have primed them to engage with people of different opinions, expectations and cultures.


    Students need to be supported in their ability to develop creative solutions to everyday problems and engage with the artistic tools at their fingertips.Thinking outside the box is something that this generation is uniquely well-positioned to do, we need to help them grab the opportunity with both hands.


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    because violetion of people is reporting

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    Oh hi there fellow Otaku, here are my recommendations and I hope you can enjoy watching them as I did. If you want the plot, just kindly search it

    1.  Tokyo Ravens

    Genre: Action, comedy, romance, school, supernatural magic

    2. Haiyore Nyaruko san

    Genre: Action, Romance, School. Sci-fi, Comedy

    3. Kenja No Mago

    Genre: Action, Fantasy, Magic, School, Romance

    4. Strike the Blood

    Genre: Action, Harem, Vampire, Supernatural, School, Romance

    5. Gakkou No Juliet

    Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen

    6. Fairy tail

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen

    7. Angel Beats

    Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, School, Romance, Super power

    8. Spirit pact

    Genre: Action, Comedy, Magic, Shounen AI, Supernatural

    9. Medaka Box

    Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial arts, School, Shounen, Super power

    10. Mahouka No Rettousei

    Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Magic, Romance, School, Supernatural

    That's the top 10 some are new release, some have season 2, so it's up to you.

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What was admirable about david? if you were in his place, would you do the same thing, even if it wo...