How do wealthy men won a woman's heart?


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    Being wealthy is not the only answer


    Wealth has nothing to do with winning a woman's heart,  but if wealthy men want to win women's hearts, they need to do several things.

    First, women generally like men who are sure of themselves. This means men who have goals and the goal should not just to become wealthy men, no. But being wealthy sure helps. A man has to have a plan on how he will lead his life and deal with possible setbacks as he tries to win a woman's heart.

    Second, women like men who are confident. Not arrogant or proud but confident. In today's modern times the common scenario is for a woman to be a career woman. A career woman, especially a strong career woman can intimidate a man easily. Hence, a man should be confident in his own right. That is why he needs a goal first and foremost. And that is also why being wealthy does not mean men would win the hearts of women.

    Third, being consistent. Most men today are inconsistent. One day there are present and the next they are absent. Women like being consistent. Wealthy men who are inconsistent may not stand a chance.

    Further ideas about confidence:

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    i'm not sure about number 4, but i hope this helps!
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