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Are the universal principles which should be invoked before making, or giving in a moral act?


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    julio wrote a letter to ka ponso, his compadre. he wants to ask for help from ka ponso because his son, jose wants to go to school that year. ka ponso became his compadre because the day his wife fidella gave birth to another baby it so happened that ka ponso was there so he offered to be the baby's godfather.

    rising action:

    in the letter, julio said that jose is an industrious boy that ka ponso can ask him everything he wants him to do in return for the educational assistance.


    julio finished the letter. the next day, he sent jose off to ka ponso's house. jose road on a ca rabao. he was a very puny load on the carabao's back.

    falling action:

    they came to the bend of the river and julio handed the stock to jose. before going, he remind jose not to lose the letter and to give it to ka ponso as soon as he reach the house.


    as jose goes, he is thinking his father and then he grew curious about the letter so he stopped the carabao and read the letter

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    Human solidarity with sympathy and the best way is that we are bind as one unity of people.
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    King minos is the one who hired him to build a labyrinth. to put a minotaur inside, so that his enemies will be put inside the labyrinth to be eaten by the minotaur.
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    answer: Hello I am Breanna Ross

    D)Emily Dickinson's popularity is due to the personal quality of her poetry and to her unconventional style of writing


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Are the universal principles which should be invoked before making, or giving in a moral act?...