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Identify the philippine national symbols being described in each statement. write your answer in the blank before each 1. philippine national anthem


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    The national anthem of the Philippines is called Lupang Hinirang. It is originally written in Tagalog words and have a version in English.

    Lupang Hinirang is also called the Chosen Land.

    The lyrics of Lupang Hinirang can be found at this link

    Lupang Hinirang

    This Philippine national anthem was composed by a composer and music teacher, Julian Felipe. The national anthem music was done June 11,1898 in Cavite, Philippines. The lyrics of the national anthem were said to be adapted from a Spanish poem called Filipinas that was written by Jose Palma in 1899.

    To know more details about the writer of Lupang Hinirang, you can find some information on the link


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    Narra is the national tree of the Philippines.


    It is generally known as rosewood. It was made official by Governor General Frank Murphy through Proclamation No. 652 s.

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    The national hero of the Philippines is Jose P. Rizal.

    Jose P. Rizal, Filipino National Hero

    The national hero was born on June 19,1861. He was known as Pepe as his nickname.  Being a national hero, there is national holiday declared every December 30 every year to celebrate Rizal day in Philippine history. You can find more information who is Jose P. Rizal at this link

    He was known as the greatest genius in the Philippine History. Some of his important legendary novels are:

    Noli Me Tangere (The Social Cancer)El Filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed)

    For the list of accomplishments  of Jose Rizal, you may visit this link for further details


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    The national tree of the Philippines is Narra.

    Narra, Philippine National Tree

    Narra is the national symbol of the Philippines in terms of trees. This kind of tree is known to be the strongest and have longest life kind of tree. This was chosen to represent the Philippines due to its unique and common characteristics that symbolizes the Philippines which are:

    durability,strength and sturdiness

    For more information about the Philippine national tree and related topics, click the link below for your further guide:

    What is the national tree:

    Why narra tree is our national tree:


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Identify the philippine national symbols being described in each statement. write your answer in the...