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Lupang hinirang. why do you need to learn more about your culture?


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    Subject: English    We should learn more about our culture so that we can apply and reinforce the desirable Filipino traits. In turn, we can be a better person and member of the community. Here is some culture of the Filipinos

    1.The Filipinos take pride in their families, it is family first before others. Whether you are part of the immediate family or belong to the third or fourth generation, you as treated as family member.

    2.the Filipinos are very respectful , we are already taught how to be respectful by using simple catchphrases po and opo, we have a culture of pagmamano, which is where they raise the backs of the hands of their elders to their foreheads as sign of respect.  

    3.Filipinos help another through Bayanihan without expecting anything return.

    4.Filipinos the traditions in their family are important. We are usually set aside the specific day for a certain celebration such as festivals, reunions and birthday.  

    5.Filipinos have the longest Christmas celebration from September up to December.  

    6.Filipinos love to eat, aside from breakfast, lunch and dinner, in between of it they eat every hour.  

    7.Filipinos love to sing  

    8.Filipinos love art and architecture.  


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    Ikaw din ba? Umaasa nalang sa

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    Traveling will test you in each and every step you take. As you're exploring your way into the unknown, traveling naturally forces you to do so many things which you wouldn't have done otherwise. ... It also helps in your overall learning as well.

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    what is the answer


    pa follow and heart po thank you

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    Explanation: ^ - ^

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    Travelling is expensive but it can help you learn more about people's culture

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    d po


    i will continue to learn more about our culture,practice it and influence others to do the same

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    D. I will continue to learn more about our culture, practice it, and influence others to do the same.

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    traveling is expensive but it can help you learn more about peoples culture

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    On the day when

    the weight deadens

    on your shoulders

    and you stumble,

    may the clay dance

    to balance you.

    -- John O'Donohue

    A few years ago, a student of mine lost his father to an unexpected illness that took a wrong turn. Two days later my student came to class. Surprised, I let my student know that if he needed to take time off to be with his family, I would later work with him to help him catch up on materials he would miss. I was giving him permission to be absent from class. He didn’t want to. In fact, he said that being in class helped him forget about his problems.

    His reason resonated with me. As a student, and even now as a teacher, being in class has always offered me a sanctuary where I could tune down everything else and immerse myself in a community of knowledge seekers, if only for a few hours each week.

    Today, growing numbers of colleges and universities all across the country -- including Dartmouth College, Rice University and Stanford University, among many others -- are temporarily canceling their face-to-face classes to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 situation. The conversations on our campuses, as well as on professional Listservs, have turned to the topic of academic continuity plans as the nation continues to deal with the impact of COVID-19. As I look through the materials put together by various teaching and learning centers and instructional technology groups, I have noticed that the resources have focused almost exclusively on the hows of technology: tools to record lectures, create discussions and proctor exams. Yet while the technological know-how to virtually connect with our students is necessary, it is not sufficient to continue the teaching and learning endeavor.


    Sana makatulong :) Touch the ❤ And follow if i help you ty

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