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Filipino in thought, word and deed. 3. do you agree with domeng that a debt of gratitude cannot be repaid with money?


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    subject: English    Yes, I agree with Domeng that a debt of gratitude cannot be repaid with money, because being thankful for somebody for doing something and to the natural beauty of the world is free. The people who practice gratitude can increase happiness and life satisfaction. They are people that have more resilient to stress. The people who get along better with others.in fact, they are less depressed so that they are more helpful and generous.  The following are benefits of gratitude  

    1.Gratitude opens the door to have more relationship.  

    2.Gratitude improves physical health.

    3.Gratitude improves psychological heath and enhances empathy and reduces aggression.  

    4.Gratitude people sleep better.  

    5.Gratitude improves self- esteem.  

    6.Gratitude increases mental strength.  

    7.It helps in emotional such as better feeling, more relaxed, more resilient, less envious and happier memories.  

    8.It improves personality because it less materialistic, less self- centered, more optimistic, increased self- esteem and more spiritual.  

    9.It helps also for our health because it improved sleep, less sick, longevity, increased energy and more exercise.  

    10.It benefits for our career, because they attain their goal achievement, better management, improved networking, improved decision making and increased productivity.  

    11.It helps also for socialization because the person who have gratitude they are kinder, more friendship, deeper relationships and healthier marriage.  


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    imong mama haha undang eskwela day/dong

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    J sa j as k hi Kehoe do ire k i

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    lol pano ko maanswer yan? eh may answer na pala

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    Step-by-step explanation:

    by the return jot down the reflection for the v2 confident in express your choose

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    FILIPINO IN WORDS, IN THOUGHTS AND IN DEEDS Doming is very patriotic for being loyal to the language of the country of his birth. He can help his country to preserve their language as well as the philosophy, knowledge, and culture. Without the language of the mentioned doorway language will turn useless.

    What is the importance of language study?

    What is the national language of the Philippines?

    As the national hero of the Philippine said namely Jose Rizal that " ang hindi marunong mag mahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa sa amoy ng mabahong isda". It means that if Filipinos will not give love and loyalty to their language they are like stinky fish. Using own language since birth can help prevent language from being unknown. if language does not practice to use, there is a possibility that it will be lost. language is helpful because it can be used in communication.

    code: English Grade 7 :

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    I am a Filipino and I'm proud of that. I was born here in the Philippines. I was born with Filipino parents. Ngek! Proud to be a Filipino? Then why do I speak english in this article? Thats what I like about being a Filipino. We are learners. We try to learn the culture of our neighbors. We do this not only just to please them, but also to get to know them and we always seek to understand them and for us to be understood as well. We are a very hospitable people. We love to entertain guests specially foreigners. we love to prepare our homes so our guests will be as comfortable as possible. We love to speak english so everybody can understand us. And one of the most I love being a Filipino is that we always have a reason to smile about. Even in times of trials and disasters we are smiling. We smile not because we are unaffected or simply being silly. We smile because we have hope in our hearts that after these trials there is a better tomorrow. :)
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