What do i need for police profession?


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    i think ..i hope its help you

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    I feel like if I was in your shoes, I wouldn't exactly help. On how your wrote the whole scenario, I would say that many people or should I say, illegal workers are very good at acting and hiding. If you're stupid enough to believe everything she says and not use your common sense then prepare to say goodbye to your life. If you noticed, when you asked if she needed the police and ambulance, a normal person should have said yes or just immediately called 911 instead of a longer number.

    This reminds me, she doesn't know you and you don't know her but how did she know your phone number and also, why would you share such important stuff to a stranger rather than just say it to the police.

    In the last part where she told you not to hang up, she must be trying to track your phone so it would be better if you hang up before she even started talking or much better, don't answer calls from people you don't know.

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What do i need for police profession?...