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In this excerpt from “the golden goose” by the brothers grimm, who is the protagonist? at this dummling was glad, and said: “get up and come with me; you shall eat yourself full.” he led him to the king's palace where all the flour in the whole kingdom was collected, and from it he caused a huge mountain of bread to be baked. the man from the forest stood before it, began to eat, and by the end of one day the whole mountain had vanished. then dummling for the third time asked for his bride; but the king again sought a way out, and ordered a ship which could sail on land and on water. “as soon as you come sailing back in it,” said he, “you shall have my daughter for wife.” dummling went straight into the forest, and there sat the little gray man to whom he had given his cake. when he heard what dummling wanted, he said: “since you have given me to eat and to drink, i will give you the ship; and i do all this because you once were kind to me.” then he gave him the ship which could sail on land and water, and when the king saw that, he could no longer prevent him from having his daughter. the wedding was celebrated, and after the king's death, dummling inherited his kingdom and lived for a long time contentedly with his wife. a. the king b. the king’s daughter c. dummling d. the little gray man


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    The king is the protagonist!
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    Nope just pure positivity about our wonderful world. full of admiration and love
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    Good manners and right conducts must be act by many people. first in our society, nowadays the most important is you have a brain. remember that a wise person is better that intelligent person. what's the importance if having a brain but do not know how act with good manners. good manners is very important to live in this world and to have a good social relationship. if you don't know how act justly many people may get mad at you and may left you. for me the definition of the educated person is not the person who studies in popular schools and university , is not the intelligent person. the educated person is person that knows good and bad and still choose good , the person who have dignity and respect, the person who knows good manners and right conduct. our society need a person who knows to respect other not person who know everything. in proverbs 22: 6 train up a child in the way he should when he is old he will not depart from it. means that we need teach a child the good, for them to do it in their whole life. because the true secret of good and amazing society are the residents who act with respect and justly.
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In this excerpt from “the golden goose” by the brothers grimm, who is the protagonist? at this dumm...