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Letter to amina ,who must surely be among the angel (theme of it ) .ppt


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    just use the apple question app

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    the coin did not continue moving when it reached the bottom of the glass because the gravitational force that pushed the coin downward was balanced by the normal force of the bottom of the glass which is the reason why the coin stayed at rest once it reached the bottom of the glass.

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    short story about unity diversity:

    ms. fox was really disappointed in her students. they were all beautiful, brave and capable. but each was so proud of his or her achievements that they did not care about the others. everyday they would come to jungledom, the best school in the district, and wreak havoc. rabbit was proud of his quick speed, nightingale was proud of her sweet voice, tiger was proud of his sharp claws, snake was proud of his poisonous fangs and so on. ms. fox was upset with this attitude of theirs. she tried to teach them that every person had a place and a purpose in life and only if they worked together would the world be a happy place. but in vain.

    then one day while they were deep in the forest, fighting amongst themselves, they fell into a hunter's trap. all except rabbit.

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    disloyal to your partner it makes the relationship to have no trust each other. and maybe it can cause of misunderstanding to each other and until it can break their relationship. and also it is a sin. because god said that we must be loyal and be trusted to our partner. because a loyal relationship to each other has a good relationship to the partners. so reminder to the couples in there be loyal to your partners.

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Letter to amina ,who must surely be among the angel (theme of it ) .ppt...