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5common mistakes that we commit in english grammar.
indicate the situation or give a sentence example where it is usually used incorrectly. write the reason why it is incorrect and how to make it right. pahelp po please thank you : ))​


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    Five Common English Grammatical Mistakes


    There are many common mistakes that Filipinos make when speaking or writing in the English language.  Below are some of the common mistakes:

    1. Prepositions

    Because the Filipino languages only have limited prepositions (sa, ng), the tendency for us is to be confused with the many prepositions in the English language. Example below.

    Ilagay mo ang ulam sa mesa.  -  Put the viand on the table. Nakatira ako sa San Marino St, Cubao, Quezon City.  - I live at 26 San Marino St, Cubao, Quezon City

    Hence, in many cases we interchange. Sentence like "Put the viand at the table." is an example.

    2. Adjective use

    There are times when adjectives are duplicated.

    This idea is more better than the previous one.I think that it is more easier to just check online that do it offline.

    This comes from transliterating from Tagalog to English. When translated to Tagalog it would be:

    Ang ideyang ito ay mas maganda kesa sa dati.Sa palagay ko mas madali kung i-check na lang online kaysa offline.

    To correct the mistakes you can easily remove the word "more."

    3. Your versus You're

    These are two words commonly confused when writing because when you pronounce them, they are just phonologically the same. But they are different grammatically. The word "your" is a possessive adjective expressing possession of something. Whereas, "you're" is simply a contraction of "you are".

    Your welcome. - This should be "You are welcome." Hence, the correct form is: You're welcome. Your beautiful. - Try saying this to a beautiful, grammatically oriented woman and you will not have a chance. This should be in the form of:  "You are beautiful."My problem is you're problem. - There is a sense of possessing the problem here, hence the form should be: "My problem is your problem."

    4. Incorrect pluralization

    Filipinos like putting -s where it is not needed. Some examples are:

    stuff = stuffsanyway = anyways (This is not even a noun that can be pluralized.)information = informations (Information cannot be pluralized.)

    5. Already

    Typically we use this incorrectly at the end of the sentence in replacement of "na".

    My friend left for school already. - This should be "My friend already left for school."The meal is prepared already. - This sounds awkward and should be rephrased to "The meal is already prepared."

    This typically sounds fine for Filipinos but is not generally accepted in the English language.

    For more information:

    Other grammar mistakes:

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    1. Manny Pacquiao was an amateur boxer at the age of 14.

    2.  Pacquiao earned the world boxing flyweight title against Thailand after his professional debut on the light flyweight division.

    3. By 2008, he won the WBC lightweight via knockout.

    4. In 2008, Pacquiao was proclaimed congressman of the Sarangani  district.

    5. Still he joined the WBA super welterweight title after he became one of the winners of the Philippine Senate Seat.

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    1.had been



    4.had been/proclaimed


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5common mistakes that we commit in english grammar.indicate the situation or give a sentence example...