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Read the excerpt from "the song of hiawatha" by henry wadsworth longfellow. who love the haunts of nature, love the sunshine of the meadow, love the shadow of the forest, love the wind among the branches, which lines in this excerpt use four sets of trochee? line 2 line 1 line 3 all 4 lines


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    The lines that uses a simile in  excerpt from Book 13 of Homer's Odyssey are the following:

    1. Like a fair virgin in her beauty's bloom  

    2. But this to me? who, like thyself, excel  In arts of counsel and dissembling well.

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    War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

    This is the line that suggest a future which humans will inhabit distant planets, "Now we see further. If the Martians can reach Venus, there is no reason to suppose that the thing is impossible for men, and when the slow cooling of the sun makes this earth uninhabitable, as at last it must do, it may be that the thread of life that has begun here will have streamed out and caught our sister planet within its toils." This phrase seem to tell that we as a human being make those impossible to happen but we should think what was the consequences of this all that we've done specially to the planet earth were we live.


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    The correct answer to which lines in this excerpt of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "The Song of Hiawatha" use four sets of trochee is C) All four lines.

    In fact, "The Song of Hiawatha" is a perfect example of trochaic tetrameter. This concept refers to a line with four trochaic feet: a stressed or long syllable followed by an unstressed or short syllable. Actually, providing that English poetic tradition is mostly iambic instead of trochaic, it makes trochaic meter sound weird.

    In the mentioned excerpt, if we highlight the stressed syllables to show the trochaic tetrameter, this would be the result:

    YE who LOVE the HAUNTS of NAture

    LOVE the SUNshine OF the MEAdow

    LOVE the SHAdow OF the FOrest

    LOVE the WIND aMONG the BRANches.

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Read the excerpt from "the song of hiawatha" by henry wadsworth longfellow. who love the haunts of...