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2.) how can we stop emotional bleeding that was brought by failure, rejection, and loneliness?


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    1.Most people fixate on their outer appearance and do not take the time to really work  But to be happy we first need to have coordination between a healthy mind and a As the mind is generated by the body, one would think that the healthy body  So, in my opinion a healthy mind is more important than a healthy Body.

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    By just simply thinking of those things as a challenge for you to surpass and those failure, rejection and loneliness that you feel can be your motivation to do better than before and to work harder than before.In that case you can surpass those challenge that given to you.


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    we can stio it by facing it

    having a mistake may cause failure

    and a failure is a lesson

    while rejection is controlled by an emtion and luck

    thats how the world goes

    loneliness is solved by appreciation

    know your self better

    your woth it

    and nothing is stoping you from getting what you deserve

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    By thinking that even if we are having a hard time right now, someday you will find true happiness. The thing is, Pain Demands to be felt. You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world but you do have a say in who huets you. The world is not a wish granting factory, not everything goes your way. Everybody will experience the suffering and you might think that no one cares for you, no one loves you, no one will miss you but actually.. alot of people will, you just don’t know it. Failure, rejection, and loneliness those are the things that are common among other people. Just know that you are not alone, alot of people are also having a hard time like you. Just know that someday, someone will be there for you, someone who will make you genuinely happy wherein they will accept for who you truly are.
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2.) how can we stop emotional bleeding that was brought by failure, rejection, and loneliness?...