3salient points of seat belt use act


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    RA 8750 or The Seat Belt Act


    RA 8750 or the Seat Belt Act mandates that all drivers and passengers both in front and at the back should be strapped with a seat belt when the engine is running on any given road. This law is clear and excuses no one.

    The salient points are the following:

    Everyone is required to wear seat belts, including the passengers at the back. This is to ensure the safety of all the occupants of the vehicle. This is not a regulation just for the sake of having rules but it is required so that everyone will be safe.Children are not allowed in front passenger seat. Even if they are strapped, they are not allowed. Babies at the back, should be strapped and put in a baby carrier. It would be otherwise illegal. RA 8750's age limit was six years old. A recent law changed this to all children below 12 years old.Car manufacturers are required to install seat belts prior to distributing and selling any vehicles.

    Seat belts are also required in buses for front row passengers. Most new buses now are also fitted with lap belts for all passengers which complies with the law as well.

    Always remember that most deaths occur because passengers and drivers refuse to wear seat belts. For your own, buckle up for safety--it's the law.

    For more information:

    Importance of Safe Driving:

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