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Aprerequisite for a successful and efficient recruitment program is to have a(n) select one: a. hr policy b. health and safety policy c. recruitment policy


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    1. occupational safety and health standards

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    12. A

    13. B

    14. C

    15. B

    16. C

    17. C

    18. C

    19. D

    20. A


    hope this helps.

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    Step-by-step explanation:

    Develops plans, policies and programs pertaining to the regulation of processed FOODS, DRUGS and other related products.

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    B.a catalyzer for health policy and a political sponsor

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    It is important so to avoid any possibility of getting injured and contact of hazard. Its helps the workplace to be more functional also.

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    Complementary Medicine is not that widely accepted yet


    As a matter of policy most doctors would suggest sticking to a Western medical standard that has been highly regulated and controlled. This is to ensure that standards of care are given to a patient.

    But there are cases when even doctors would go off the book and suggest alternative healthcare such as acupuncture, acupressure and even chiropractic medicine as they deem it best for the patient. Most alternative medicine strategies focus on holistic medicine. This means that the person is not treated as an organ or a disease but rather as a person. The "prescription" they also give tend to be natural and related to diet and lifestyle modifications--something that most old people would nto appreciate.

    For many of us, old people included, medicine is meant to fix something wrong. We want to go on about with our life without changing any of our bad habits and when sick, expect medicine or drugs to cure it all. I side with holistic medicine here that attitudes and mindset should be changed first for a person to heal.

    For more information:


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    Ra 8423 or the traditional and alternative medicine act of 1997.. because they think that alternative medicine is not effective
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Aprerequisite for a successful and efficient recruitment program is to have a(n) select one: a. hr...