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What is self awareness and self management your own word​


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    Self awareness and self management.


    Self aware - is an important awareness to keep yourself from any harm or danger. This could be real life or the cyber life. In other words, heart broken, deprivation, eating disorders, depression, suicide. Although most of these types of self harm cannot be easily treated right away. These might have to deal with money or things that they like. Self awareness is slowly fading and making teenagers/kids take their own lives. To prevent this from yourself or someone, do these tips.

    1. Try to cheer them or yourself up, happy videos, motivational quotes, good thoughts or whatever makes you happy.

    2. Prevent them from overthinking or this might lead to bad thoughts and the start of depression. Try to be a funny person and let them forget all about the problems.

    That is all for self-awareness.

    Self management - The basic experience of everyday life.

    - Eating, drinking, sleeping, digesting, etc.

    Self management is, health. This is also the trait of your mood and spiritual character.

    That's all.

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    1.Keep an open mind. When you can regulate your own emotional world, you can be attuned to others' emotions.

    2.Be mindful of your strengths and weaknesses.

    3.Stay focused.

    4.Set boundaries.

    5.Know your emotional triggers.

    6.Embrace your intuition.

    7.Practice self-discipline.

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    How to Become More Self-Aware Throughout Your Life

    Look at yourself objectively. ...

    Keep a journal. ...

    Write down your goals, plans, and priorities. ...

    Perform daily self-reflection. ...

    Practice meditation and other mindfulness habits. ...

    Take personality and psychometric tests. ...

    Ask trusted friends to describe you.

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    C. self motivation


    i think

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    Self-awareness also influences self-concept. It is the quality or trait that involves conscious awareness of one's own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and traits (Cherry, 2018A). To have a fully developed self-concept (and one that is based in reality), a person must have at least some level of self-awareness

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What is self awareness and self management your own word​...