the flowers of may relevant to the story


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    photosynthesis, leaves, structure of stem and roots fyi bamboo is the world's largest grass

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    "the legend of banyuwangi "

    long time ago the ruler of the kingdom of blambangan, raden banterang, used to occupy the neighboring areas in order to expand his territory, including the klungkung kingdom of bali. the outbreak of the klungkung war destroyed such a small country. the king of klungkung was killed on the battlefield, yet his daughter and son were able to escape and hide in the jungle.
                            one day, raden banterang and his commanders were inspecting his district while hunting. it was in the jungle that raden banterang met a beautiful lady named ida ayu surati. she was then taken to blambangan to be his wife. raden banterang and ida ayu surati enjoyed a happy life in the palace.
                          when raden banterang was hunting one day, the lonely princess was surprised by the arrival of a dirty beggar asking for her pity. the princess was surprised to find that the beggar was her older brother, agung bagus mantra. she promptly squatted and embraced her brother's legs. however, her great respect of her brother was not well accepted. instead, she was tortured for she supposedly betrayed her noble family.agung bagus mantra asked his sister to kill raden banterang, but such a request was rejected. he was very angry with her and came up with a sly idea to slander raden banterang.
                          at first, raden banterang did not believe that his wife had been involved in a scandal with another man. yet because of agung's convincing words, he was finally influenced and therefore, his wife was dragged down to a small lake. asking for compassion, ida ayu surati tried to tell the truth and denied her husband’s accusation. hearing his wife's explanation, the king became angrier and angrier. as a proof of her sacred love, she asked her husband to kill her. as a last request, she asked her husband to throw her dead body into the river. she said that if the water in the river smelled terrible, it meant that she had ever been sinful, but if it smelled fragrant it meant that she was innocent.
                  raden banterang who was unable to control his emotions, soon stabbed his keris (dagger) into his wife's chest. she died instantly. the dead body of ida ayu surati was quickly thrown into the dirty river. raden banterang was shocked to see the river suddenly become clean and as clear as glass with a fragrant smell. raden banterang screamed crazily and regretted his deed. he walked unsteadily and fell into the river screaming, "banyuwangi, banyuwangi, banyuwangi! ”
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    answer:or most people, public speaking at an event is bad enough, much less having to give a speech that is also entertaining. As with all speeches, the key to successfully presenting an entertaining speech lies in the topic—ask seasoned public speakers and they will all agree.

    Explanation:o karamihan sa mga tao, ang pagsasalita sa publiko sa isang kaganapan ay sapat na masama, mas mababa ang pagkakaroon ng magbigay ng isang pagsasalita na nakakaaliw din. Tulad ng lahat ng mga talumpati, ang susi sa matagumpay na paglalahad ng isang nakaaaliw na pagsasalita ay namamalagi sa paksa - magtanong ng mga napapanahong pampublikong nagsasalita at sila ay magkakasundo.

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