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Why is it necessary to have well defined aims in the teaching? ​


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    To be able to measure the output of the students


    When writing a lesson plan, it is always best to lay out the aims in the teaching of the lesson well enough so that when testing comes, it will be easier to observe and measure how the students perform.

    In the framework Understanding By Design, the author pushed for having the end in mind always when designing any teaching aims or outputs. This answers the following questions:

    What do we want the students to achieve?How do we want them to demonstrate this?What specific and measurable actions must be demonstrated by the student?

    From there, one can start writing the objectives. When writing objectives it is best to start with action verbs. Avoid verbs like the following:


    With the verbs above it is difficult to discern from the teacher's viewpoint whether the lesson had been understood or learned because there is no empirical way of observing "understanding" and "knowing".

    Hence, it is best to focus on verbs that could be observed:


    These actions could be observed. Of course there will be different levels of "explaining" and "performing" and at this time, the teacher can use a rubric. When this is done right, it will be easier for the teacher to grade the student as the performance could be easily viewed and observed because there were well-defined aims in the teaching objectives.

    For more information:

    How to Make a Lesson Plan:


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Why is it necessary to have well defined aims in the teaching? ​...