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  • Cite your opinion for giving such a solution. your...

Cite your opinion for giving such a solution. your neighbor’s house is on fire.


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    Emergency Situation

    Whenever there is an emergency situation generally speaking, you must immediately take action especially if that emergency is near you or you particularly are in the position of great threat. But if in some possibility you have a few minutes to think gather your thoughts as fast as possible while gaining complete hold of the situation.

    Fire Emergency in your neighbor’s house:

    Call the fire department Estimate the number of people inside (gather enough information to give to the firemen) If possible that you are quite familiar with their house suggest a possible exit or entrance that the people can get through quickly Do not under all circumstances panic and meddle too much (let the authorities do their work) Offer further assistance if needed

    If your neighbor’s house is under the state of fire emergency it is best to not meddle and go to the area of fire just to get a glimpse of what is happening, do not stand and watch. Give assistance only when asked, the more unnecessary people involved in the situation, the more the situation will get worse.

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Cite your opinion for giving such a solution. your neighbor’s house is on fire....