What is editorial in parts of the newspaper


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    Editorials are typically published on a dedicated page, called the editorial page, which often features letters to the editor from members of the public; the page opposite this page is called the op-ed page and frequently contains opinion pieces by writers not directly affiliated with the publication.


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    Editorial Page and Editorial Cartoons

    Editorial Page

    An Editorial Page contains articles called Editorials. An Editorial is an article written by the senior editorial staff or publisher that gives views or opinions of the editor or publisher on certain issues or events, often unsigned.

    Editorial Cartoons

    Or Political Cartoon, is an illustration with caricatures of public figures, expressing an artist's opinion. Creators of Editorial Cartoons are called Editorial Cartoonist. They typically combine drawing skill, hyperbole and/or metaphors, and satire that questions authority and draw attention to political and social issues. Usually seen as comic strips in newspapers.

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