Describe how leon brought his wife to nagrebcan


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    pls nextime make sure that thier is a specific storry

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    "read chapter 5 for tomorrow"
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    There's no reason for me not to love you.
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    How will I become a hero for my friends? my neighbors? my colleagues at work? This is not an easy task because before you can help and protect others, we need first to protect ourselves because sometimes this can may lead us to danger. We need to be physically and mentally ready to help other people.

    what are the filipino traits and values?

    A hero for my friends

    1.  I will be a good model for them

    No more vices, studying seriously, respectful and having a positive attitude. This can help my friends to live a better life.

    2. I will teach them to be brave and strong

    I will help my friends who are in danger. I will be a superhero on my community and all the people around me by contacting authorities.A hero for my neighbor

    1. I will help them to make our community safe and clean.

    I will help and promote to them to help each other to clean our community and make it safe from bad people.

    2. I will help them in times of their needs.

    I will extend my help in times that they need my help no matter what the situation is.A hero for my colleagues at work

    1. If my colleagues cannot do the job on time I will extend my help

    To help my co-workers prevent stress I will do this for the sake of my job, for the company and my co-worker.

    2. If my co-worker is absent I will do the job if I can do it and if I already finished my responsibilities to work.

    There are times that my co-workers got sick or their family members got sick, I will do the job If I can do.

    How would you improved your relationship to your family and friend in concept of politics​ read more on

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Describe how leon brought his wife to nagrebcan...