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It is an impersonal speech style or also known as fixed speech


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    These two may be different - one is formal the other is frozen speech


    An impersonal speech style could be characteristic of a formal speech which is different from a fixed or frozen speech. They could also be one in the same as in the case of well-known historical speeches by politicians.

    But what makes the two different?

    A formal speech is a speech that is typically presented to an audience without visual aids, though this trend is changing now because we have the available technology--so speech presenters are now using more and more visual aids. The purpose of a formal speech is  to inform the audience, persuade, maybe entertain and to stimulate action or interest from the viewers or listeners. An example of this is the State of the Nation Address where the President informs the public of how we are doing as a nation, lays out his or her legislative agenda for the next year and at the same time, persuades the Congress to go with his legislative agenda. This type of speech is usually one way.

    A frozen speech, on the other hand, is also formal and could be impersonal but the main  reason why this is frozen is that the text used here are usually dated and fixed. In a mass, for example, what the priests says 90% of the time is fixed speech since he merely reads from a book. The same goes when we sing the national anthem, it is fixed.

    But either of these two can be used, depending on the occasion and the purpose of the speaker.

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It is an impersonal speech style or also known as fixed speech...