How universal changes affect development? ​


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    anong sagot sa tanong?


    anong tanong sa sagot?

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    Asan po ang question?


    Wla pong question

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    Because first of all human will no longer exists in the world

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    soory i cant understand i also understand chinese

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    the refrigarators light turn off when you vlose it

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    As technology improves decade by decade we understand more and more about the universe. Unlike before when we can only measure the size and shape of the earth and the location of stars in the night skies, with the use of modern space telescopes we have been able to view stars, measure the distance, discover exoplanets and understand more of our origin.

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    As time goes on,the universe not only forms elements,atoms,and clumps and cluster together that lead to stars and galaxies,but expands and cools the entire time.The Universe continues to expands even today,growing at a rate of 6.5 light years in all directions per year as time goes on

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    The ancient Greeks thought the universe contained only Earth at the center, the Sun, the Moon, five planets, and a sphere to which all the stars were attached. ... Our view of the universe changed again—we now knew that the universe was much larger than our own galaxy.


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    The universe is made up of four elements that combine and separate to cause change.

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