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Should romeo and juliet's relationship be viewed as a rebellion of the young against the old? in other words, is this play's motto, "kids these days," or "move over, grandpa? "


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    Romeo and Juliet

    No, Romeo and Juliet took place in a classic setting where chivalry is alive and kicking. Their manners definitely matter to them as how they respect each of their family’s decision and long time feud with each other. They are people of great respect at some point, it cannot be described as the same as the motto given depicting disrespectful acts towards your elders.

    Romeo and Juliet’s relationship (as seen in today’s view):

    A gentleman courting a dainty lady Pure love and passion makes them do such things Their love outgrew their family’s feud

    The Motto given:

    It says something disrespectful to both the young and old generation It shows contradiction of old ways such as in Romeo and Juliet

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    In the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet is only 16 while Romeo is somewhat older. This stage of age or being teenager are very crucial because their emotions are very sensitive especially it comes to the love and mostly teenagers now a day are experiencing it. Their love seems very romantic but there several part of a story shows rebellion. Like when Juliet  suggest Romeo that he 'deny thy father and refuse thy name' that break social order. The balcony shows Juliet strong character and determination but also her willingness to disobey her parents that received different reaction from the audience. The secret marriage of Romeo and Juliet in Friar Lawrence are really against to their parent's will especially Capulet's and Montague's are biggest rivalry. But in the end of the story shows forgiveness, and openness and the author William Shakespeare let the audience think how family ties and personal feelings can intersect and overlap sometimes lead violent result

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Should romeo and juliet's relationship be viewed as a rebellion of the young against the old? in ot...