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How would you describe your current class status?


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    There are different socioeconomic class status in the Philippines


    The Philippine does not follow strict social stratification as with other more traditional countries. Our class systems are based on socioeconomic levels. In the Philippines, there is a small number of people who are rich and a large number of people who are poor. Think of it as a pyramid where the rich are at the top and the poor are at the bottom.  

    The formal classifications are as follows:

    Class A - these are the ultra-rich who lives in Forbes Park, Ayala Alabang and other posh and gated subdivisions. They also probably own yachts or small private planes.Class B - these are the multi-millionaires, not as rich as the first one but still significantly wealthyClass C - these are high-income middle classClass D - these are the low to mid income middle class. This segment is commonly known as the masa.Class E - the poorest of the poor. They do not usually have a house and live as informal settlers.

    About 60% of the population come from the masa. Hence, by statistical prediction, most of us would fall under the masa category. Note that these are typically the workers or the employed sector while Classes A and B are the employers or the businessmen.

    For more information:

    Social Classes:

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How would you describe your current class status?...