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Atheatrical work a theatrical work that is intentionally humorousis intentionally humorous


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    A comedy is entertainment made up of sketches that are meant to make an audience laugh.

    Usually, if it's a happy outcome, it's a comedy. A type of solace through laughter and fun that helps to remind us of our failings and keep us balanced.

    Comedy qualities — a way to look at the world where basic values are affirmed but natural laws are suspended— to underline human failings and insanity— sometimes cheeky, disastrous, funny.

    defies the laws of naturecontrasts social structure and

    Some of the kinds of Comedy in theater:

    Farce- better known as "Slapstick" Comedy

    Satire- targeted against or towards the governing bodies.

    Parody- recreating a popular event or creation, and turn it into a hilarious concept.

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    Comedy is a theatrical work that is intentionally humorous. By definition, comedy is a type of dramatic work or literary genre that is intended to amuse its audience and has a satirical mood or tone. In a comedic story, the characters and their actions are written as is to be funny or comical and purposefully have a happy ending. The characters in a comedic story are also written in such a way that they triumph over misfortunes. Simultaneously, its purpose is to evoke positive responses from the audience.

    Types of Comedy

    Four types of comedy are commonly discussed in the world of theater and literature.

    Romantic comedy - an amusing story about love between two people that eventually leads to a happy endingSentimental comedy - a story of characters that are almost led to doing evil but are able to surpass them and will gradually taste a happy conclusionComedy of Manners - a satirical type of comedy in which it depicts a more sophisticated societyTragicomedy - a story that involves elements from both tragedy and comedy. It usually a story with a serious mood that gradually ends happily.

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Atheatrical work a theatrical work that is intentionally humorousis intentionally humorous...