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What idea flashes at the back of your mind as you read the quotation?


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    Understanding the Quotation

    The quote is about prejudice, and the following example was the racism against the Black race. Prejudice is an unfair judgement that people believes boost their state of living and standing as a person in the community. Though, they might think that way it actually just infuses more gasoline in the justice seeking Black people.

    It makes them want more freedom and rights and so comes the reign of President Mandela.

    What Nelson Mandela fought for?

    Equal rights for the Black race Freedom of slavery Freedom of doing things  Being acceptable in the society/ in their own country

    What idea flashes when I read the quotation?

    Prejudice is indeed a thing that shouldn’t even exist People are too greedy the more the society grows What has blinded the people back then, will be irrelevant in the future Making the people blind or forget something is so easy when you have power and wealth

    Prejudice is not for everyone else to execute, they must have some kind of important contributing position for them to have enough dignity and confidence to ignore the people around them or mistreat them in ways that it limits their societal growth.

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What idea flashes at the back of your mind as you read the quotation?...

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