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Where do racism and discrimination take place the most?


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    Discrimination towards other people from another race is unfair and only encourages mistreatment and unnecessary judgment. Racism didn’t do well on people from the past how would it even do well now? Where people’s mental health are at a fragile state than before.  It was once a big issue between the two different race the white and the black people.

    Racism only brings:

    Mistreatment Prejudice thinking Unfair treatment

    Where racism and discrimination does takes place?

    In a place where they don’t acknowledge other races In the closed minds of people In a society’s unjust system that no other races are worthy of recognition

    Racism doesn’t even require a certain physical place to start; it can simply be from the minds of people. They don’t like associating themselves with other races so much that it becomes a habit of action whereas soon will be racism. It can be from a single racist person and other people only picked it up because it is the trend or the norm in their certain group.

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  • Réponse publiée par: joviecar


    1. Pictures reminds me of the word illustration



    4.Well for me racism is about the people that have beliefs that their race is superior to other and that superiority give them rigths for everything.

    5.Well i think everywhere in the world have these racism and discrimination but i think where this take place the most is in social media platforms

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    because they looking for white and they are not considering black person

  • Réponse publiée par: jasminsexy

    sana makatulong tama yan

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Where do racism and discrimination take place the most?...