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Determine whether the following sentences are dangling or not. tired of teaching about plagiarism, ernest set the papers on fire.


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    relative pronouns - link one phrase or clause to another phrase of clause. the relative pronouns are "who", "whom", "that", and "which."

    these are the sample sentences:

    - the candidate who spends the most amount during campaign period does not necessarily wins.

    - the place which makes lea says she'll never forget is japan.

    - the person whom she trusted betrayed her.

    interrogative pronouns- ask questions. the following are the interrogative pronouns:

    "who", "whom" - refers to persons

    "which" - refers to persons and things

    "what" - refers to things and animals

    these are the sample questions:

    -what can you say about my new haircut?

    -to whom should we ask permission

    -which book would you read first?

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    Ibelieve in god, the father almighty,
    creator of heaven and earth.
    i believe in jesus christ, god's only son, our lord,
    who was conceived by the holy spirit,
    born of the virgin mary,
    suffered under pontius pilate,
    was crucified, died, and was buried;
    he descended to the dead.
    on the third day he rose again;
    he ascended into heaven,
    he is seated at the right hand of the father,
    and he will come to judge the living and the dead.
    i believe in the holy spirit,
    the holy catholic church,
    the communion of saints,
    the forgiveness of sins,
    the resurrection of the body,
    and the life everlasting. amen.
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    This song is about hope and faith in world and its people. everyone can relate to this because we tend to look for bright sides and positive things around us despite the war and chaos.

    this song reminds everyone that the world is ours and we all must cherish it.   it is full of hope and love.

    the part where he says "i see friends shaking hands saying how do you
    they're really saying i love you" is where our hearts might feel more connected to the song as we all  aspire to feel belonged and loved. 

    "yes i think to myself what a wonderful world" our place and our lives makes it more beautiful.
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Determine whether the following sentences are dangling or not. tired of teaching about plagiarism, e...