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Determine whether the following sentences are dangling or not. wishing doom on her co-worker, secret thoughts travelled through sophia’s mind.


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    (not related, but this is among my all-time favorites. :> Support OPM!)

    How can you appreciate the poem as you listen to it?

    - The beat of the poem even without music is easy to follow, and when arranged musically, it is very pleasant to the ears and can definitely stick in one's head. Apart from semantic value, the poem also imparts a beautiful lesson and sticks to the metaphors for healing, making the entirety cohesive.

    What thoughts, ideas or the feelings of the poet can you infer from the poem?

    - The poet can be inferred as a hopeful person trying to look at tomorrow as a time for healed wounds. He has made many mistakes, but someone was always there to encourage him. Throughout the end of the song, it was his turn to encourage the person with him to keep holding on ("I said all will be alright in time"). There is profound sadness and pain within the poet, but there is an undeniable seed of hope that tomorrow is another day, and that, just as leaves grow from the empty branches of trees, new life will stem from the dead memories of the past.

    What emotions or thoughts run through your mind as you listen to this poem?

    - Listening to this song, with the way each line is dropped, I come to share the poet's viewpoint. They are wounded and imperfect and need to see the bright side no matter how difficult it is. Eventually, though, it feels less like I am the poet, and more like the poet is speaking to me--as the song nears the end, the seed of hope is planted in the person the poet is speaking to. It's a heartwarming poem that serves as a reminder that wounds heal if you give it time. "Learning to forgive," then, isn't just about forgiving those who've wronged you--it's also about forgiving yourself, and moving on.

    Hope this helped! #CarryOnLearning

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    the adrenal glands blood the body with stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol.

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Determine whether the following sentences are dangling or not. wishing doom on her co-worker, secret...