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  • Did maria meet the father'sexpectations? did leon...

Did maria meet the father's
expectations? did leon help
maria prepare to meet his
father? how did leon do so? ​


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    answer: read, read and read. i said it three times because its that important. for you to love reading, you start from a book that you are interested in. every new word that you'll encounter, find the meaning in google and how its pronounced.


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    to someone who left,

    it still hurts, as i still remember how you left, left without saying goodbye nor a farewell. people around me said that i needed to move on, move forward in life but how? how can i move forward in life when you are my life? when you stole my heart then left me wounded. i don't know when can i really move on, when can i really forget.

    i'm writing this letter for myself to tell her it's time, that he'll never come back, he is now happy in the after life how can i continue? when i know that he'll never comeback to me? but i guess thats life.

    from someone who you left behind

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    stay attentive and ready. pay attention. further explanation: keep your eye on the ball is an informal way of telling someone to pay attention to a situation. it is commonly used in (and originates from) the game of baseball, to imply that players need to watch where the ball is at all times.

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    i don’t know what the answer is i wish i could help

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Did maria meet the father'sexpectations? did leon helpmaria prepare to meet hisfather? how did leo...