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Paraphrase this sentence:
then it turned out that david had been into many places. because of his father's job, the family had to move about. david had lived in bacolod, zamboanga, aparri, and many other places we had only read about in our geography books. goodness! we had actually thought that those names only stood for little marks on the map. now we learned from david that they were actual towns with houses, and people, and trees, and schools, and churches.


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    David happens to have been into different places. His family didn't have a permanent residence due to the work of his father.  David had resided in Bacolod, Zamboanga, Aparri, and several other places we had only seen in our geography books. It was a surprise for us to learn that these places weren't only names or markers on the map but, there are actually people leaving in communities with schools, churches, parks, and residences.Explanation

    1st sentence - "happens to be or to have been" is synonymous to "it turned out".

    2nd sentence - Using "didn't have a permanent residence" sounds more technical/formal than "had to move about".

    3rd sentence - Using the word "seen" instead of "read" emphasizes that the book may be picture filled. Instead of "lived" I used the word reside to be consistent with the 2nd sentence that is using the word "residence".

    4th and 5th sentence - The last two sentences may be written as one sentence. The use of "trees" in the original paragraph may also refer to parks.

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    Ano ang magagawa ng kabataang tulad mo upang mapanatili ang mga pasalindilang pantikan sa iyong henerasyon at maging sa susunod panghenerasyon
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Paraphrase this sentence: then it turned out that david had been into many places. because of his f...