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Slogan for english about national books week inclusive innovative interconnected​


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    National Book Week 2019 has “Inclusive. Innovative. Interconnected” as its theme for this year's celebration


    The National Book Week was originally held June 18 to 24 of every year as directed when Frank Murphy, governor of the Philippines in 1934 answered the call of the then Philippine Library Association. The aim of this event was to arouse and entice people into reading good books.

    This year, the PLA has partnered with various government organizations to hold the National Book Week from November 24 to 30, 2019 with the theme “Inclusive. Innovative. Interconnected”.

    If you are asked to create a slogan under the current theme take note of the following:

    The best slogans are always catchy. Play with the words. Try to look up words that are synonyms of the words inclusive, innovative and interconnected.The best slogans are to the point and short. No one remembers long slogans. Keep it simple and short. McDo only has "Love ko to" but those three words are well-remembered.Understand the purpose of the slogan. Remember that the National Book Week aims to instill reading. It also wants to develop literacy and reading skills among teachers and parents (Hint: Inclusive).Take cognizance of the changing times. How is book reading in time of the internet? (Hint: Interconnected). Are we just limited to reading physical books? How about e-books or audio books? (Hint: Innovative)

    For more information:

    Slogan Making:

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    Planning could be the answer
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    This tale has a lot of versions. 
    theme: the tale of the woodcutter and the tiger is a korean folklore which shows character of korean people, courage and wit and filial piety.  the story was all about the woodcutter and the tiger. 
    conflict: the woodcutter meet a terrible tiger in the woods, ready to eat him up for lunch. 
    it takes place in the woods where the woodcutter outwits the tiger for letting him believe that he was his long lost brother they've been looking for who used to be human. because of the belief of being a human before, the tiger shows his dutifulness as a son by bringing gifts and dowry to the woodcutter's mother's grave. 
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Slogan for english about national books week inclusive innovative interconnected​...