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what are the classifications of farming system according to grassland utilization? describe
briefly each classification.
how would you describe classification of farming system according to cropping patten and
animal activity? give at least 2 examples.
3. how would you compare tropical and temperate farming system in terms of socio-economic
and technological status?
4. what is meant by "sciophytic and heliophytic plants? explain why it is happening
what would be the results of high ambient temperature in the reproductive system of male/female
how would you resolve depress feed intake of animals during high ambient temperature?
7. what is the function of endocrine system in animals?
8. can you make a distinction between slope and elevation? what are the distinctions?
9. why do you think cultures affects farming system? give practices you learned or observed.
10. how will cultural management influenced soil properties?
rate on the reasons why "small-farmers” have a low production in their area?
11. can you elaborate on the reasons why "small-farmers have a
12. relate the saying "you cannot teach
ing "you cannot teach old dogs new tricks" in farmers adopting new technology.​


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    male gamete and sperm


    thats only cause i have work todo

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    The testes in the scrotum produce the male gamete, sperm, which is ejaculated in seminal fluid by the penis. The female reproductive system primarily consists of internal organs. The female gamete, ovum, is produced in the ovaries and is released monthly to travel to the uterus via the Fallopian tubes.


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    Both male and female reproductive organs have internal and external structures. Reproductive organs are considered to be either primary or secondary organs. The primary reproductive organs are the gonads (ovaries and testes), which are responsible for gamete (sperm and egg cell) and hormone production.J


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    its amazing that my ovary is as small as almonds and my falopian tube is as thin as spaghetti.

    everything is unbelievable from the size of every organ to how everything works and looks like

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    Male reproductive system -the main male sex organs are the penis and the testicles which produce semen and sperm, which, as part of sexual intercourse, fertilize an ovum in the female's body. it used for fertilization in woman's body.


    To produce, maintain, and transport sperm and protective fluid  

    To discharge sperm within the female reproductive tract during sex

    To produce and secrete male sex hormones responsible for maintaining the male reproductive system

    female reproductive system- sex organs that function in reproduction of new offspring.

    function:the main function of the female rep system is to store the fertilized egg into the womb and deliver it after 9 months.


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    male reproductive system : penis female ; vagina


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    Egg cell=female
    sperm cell=male
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    The male gene and female gene are different. But the sex glands of both gender, male and female will be developed right after concepting the embryo. That means at start, the male's and female's reproductive system will be identical or the same for forty days.
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2.what are the classifications of farming system according to grassland utilization? describebriefl...