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No bullying policy essay introduction body conclusion ​


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    Intro - kadalasan magsusulat ka ng introduction sa topic ng essay mo , dapat dito pa lang sa part na'to ma-encourage sila basahin yung sinulat mo kasi kung dito pa lang sa part na'to kung hindi mo makuha yung atensiyon ng mambabasa ano pang sense ng next part?

    Body- dito yung part na i-expound yung essay mo take note dapat ma-encourage pa yung readers mo basahin pa yung next part

    Conclusion- last part ng essay mo na i-summarize mo yung sinulat mo sa essay mo.


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    The impact of technology about latest events transparent to people. The gathered information from media will be easily disseminate by the help of technology.


    Technology serves as a publicity of Politicians. It use to spread Politicians goal and accomplishments while they're in the government.


    It helps society and determine how people interact with each other on a daily basis.


    Yehey salamat sakin

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    High school life was said to be the best level of education based from my friends and peers who shared their experiences with me. I, as a student, a high school student to be precise, am completely and utterly curious of what is the feeling of being in a secondary level of education. My insatiable and unquenchable curiosity have had let me contemplate about living a high school life. Now that I've reached my high school life, curiosity overbearing, I concede I am always observing how students like me live their life as high school students.

    Based from my observations, high school life is indeed considered a tough challenge to students. What I've perceived about the students in high school is that most of them begins to be in a relationship with someone, eyeball here, eyeball there. However, that is inevitable since we're already in high school, we've become matured than before, and when I say mature, you can take it literally though, to the point that they are already trying to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages in a very young age. There is also an involvement and inclusion of drug exhibition, exposure and exploitation wherein most of the boys are indulging at. Despite of all of those negative activities by high school students, we couldn't deny that there are also positive things high school students usually do. There goes students being more participative and cooperative within their desired organizations they belong to, such as having charities, joining technology-oriented activities like robotics which is beneficial to us since that could help us to progress in terms of technology and we wouldn't be left behind.

    Living a high school life is indeed an exciting experience to be felt, instead of being disappointed with living a high school life, be grateful and accept it, because we should always seize opportunities that may come to us since opportunities can only knock once and once you didn't grab it, you will be at loss. We discover new things unbeknownst to us as we explore and delve further into it. So living a high school life is proven to be a really enjoying life.

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    Technology affects the way individuals communicate, learn, and think. It helps society and determines how people interact with each other on a daily basis. Technology plays an important role in society today. It has positive and negative effects on the world and it impacts daily lives.

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    the impact of technology on politics article introduction , body , conclusion is a more specific about on in body parts

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