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Possible man-made disaster that can happen in urban city


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    flooding due to garbages blocking sa sewers


    pa mark as brainlest po thank you

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    As a general rule, UN Habitat explains, “The more urbanized a country, the higher the individual incomes.” But the world's rapidly growing cities are increasingly at risk of natural disasters, ranging from catastrophic fires to landslides, massive floods, and tidal waves.

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    1.many structures are broken

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    11. A

    12. C

    13. A

    14. A


    That is correct

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    1. False

    2. True

    3. False

    4. True

    5. True

    6. False

    7. True

    8. True

    9. False

    10. True


    1. Because man-made disasters are caused by humans

    2. Yes, because we have the man-made disaster and natural disaster

    3. Because these are examples of natural disaster not the effect of it

    4. Because we can't control when and where it can take place. Just like typhoons

    5. Because overtime, different buildings and properties are built, that's why during the time of modernization, number of casualties is higher.

    6. Hurricanes are more common

    9. Lavas are deadly

    10. The most common cause of floods are because of the wastes that's not thrown in its proper Garbage

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    11. C

    12. C

    13. C

    14. C

    15. A

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    Please make me brilliant


    The purposes of questioning

    Teachers ask questions for a number of reasons, the most common of which are

    to interest, engage and challenge students

    to check on prior knowledge and understanding

    to stimulate recall, mobilizing existing knowledge and experience in order to create new understanding and meaning

    to focus students’ thinking on key concepts and issues

    to help students to extend their thinking from the concrete and factual to the analytical and evaluative

    to lead students through a planned sequence which progressively establishes key understandings

    to promote reasoning, problem solving, evaluation and the formulation of hypotheses

    to promote students’ thinking about the way they have learned

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    the question is where is the picture?


    i can't answer this without the picture:> pls put the picture and i will answer it :>

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