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Learning Task 3: Watch and/or search for each video content below. Then, identify to which genres do they below. Write your answers in your notebook. News Flash Movie Trailer Documentary Weather Internet Forecast -Based 1. Motorcycle Diaries 2. I Am Ready GMA Weather 3. Amazing Earth 4. FPJ Ang Probinsyano 5. DepEd Commons 6. Investigative Docu- mentaries


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    1. Motorcycle Diaries is a movie, so when we search it, we will found a movie trailer.

    2. I Am Ready is the weather forecast segment of GMA Weather.

    3. Amazing Earth is more about documentary about nature.

    4. FPJ Ang Probinsyano had also a movie trailer.

    5. DePed Commons is an internet-based source of information.

    6. Investigative Documentaries are documentaries about all other types and event of investigations.

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    1.motorcycle diaries-GMA news TV-news flash,The motorcycle diaries-movie trailer,investigative documentation-documentary,I AM Ready GMA Weather-weather forecast,YouTube/DepEd commons-Internet-Based.

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    answer: WHAT

    Step-by-step explanation: BRAINLIEST

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    2. weather forecast

    3. documentary



    6. documentary

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    2.weather forecast


    4movie trailer

    5internet based


    hope it helps

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    What I can do?

    Time signatures are like the ways how you do things every day. There are

    things or tasks that you need to do and accomplish fast. There are also those that you

    can do leisurely or at a slower pace. When you work, you should learn to make an

    output with good quality. Sometimes, it is not how slow you accomplish things but it is

    the quality of your work that people will recognize in you.

    You are a drummer, and you were tasked to compose a four-measure rhythmic


    pattern by combining different note values. Your composition must be in the 4

    time signature, with the notes and rests filling up the required beats per measure.

    Your work will be performed by grade 6 pupils and will be used for the productionu

    number for the coming school intramurals. As the composer, you are to teach the

    rhythmic pattern to the pupils. You must make sure they will follow the correct


    execution of notes based on 4 time signature. Your composition will be evaluated

    based on the rubric below.



    paki brainliest

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Learning Task 3: Watch and/or search for each video content below. Then, identify to which genres do...