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If being champion is not being always on top, then what does it mean to be one?


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    One true champion is who accepts default, improves himself, and continues. Champions realize and believe their limitations are governed by their imagination alone. True success or a "winner," it is not the gold, silver or bronze medal around your neck that really must be measured, but rather the willingness, determination, sacrifice and heart you apply in the process of your achievement. These medals are only the result of the process.


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    A Champion Is Someone Who Gets Up When He Can't

    (Sorry if im wrong)

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    1. Aya Shanelle is the graceful dancer

    2. Dancing

    3. Not always

    4. She still accepts that she didn't win

    5. The fact that you know that you still do your best, even though you did not win. And the fact that you know that not everytime you will win, because there is always more better than you.

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    1. She is a graceful dancer that likes to join events

    2. She's good at dancing

    3. No she does not, but losing doesn't affect her, it only gives her more passion to be better

    4. She's a good sport, as well as a passionate person

    5. Being a champion is being a good sport, accept your lost and you'll be a real champion to yourself, you may not be a champion to others but you still are to yourself. determination, confidence and passion is a bigger achievement than being top.

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    2. Aya is a graceful dancer

    3. No

    4. Aya is a sporty woman. She accept her defeats without having a hard feelings

    5. Having a lot of friends when joining every contest and Lessons that she learned.

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    A true champion is someone who defends things that matter, resonate, endure. What are those things? They're not just objects, trophies, belts. Throughout history, the figures that we think of as true champions, whether they are Ali or Prometheus, defend values.

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    can I ask what's the title of the story


    or where's the story

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    pa nalang po ako please

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    Read your notes para mas matuto ka po, Thank me later

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If being champion is not being always on top, then what does it mean to be one?...