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Communication and globalization, I learned that, to be a global communication?


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    oh ano saan sino bakit sa anong paraann

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    global or international communication^^^


    hope it helps

    In this lesson communication and globalization, I learned that to be a global communicator I
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    Based on the video “Wiring a web for Global Good” of Gordon Brown, poverty, slavery, wars, injustice of law, racism and climate change are just few of the many global issues that have emerged because of miscommunication that could have been prevented if people and countries has a good communication back then. People who are concerned with these issues could have done so much more if they have already the modern means of communication back then that will give them the capacity to communicate instantaneously right across the world and the capacity to organize, take action and deal with the global challenges together

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    the employer. should. do the best to do it

    he can make a planning.

    he can can do organization


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Communication and globalization, I learned that, to be a global communication?...