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Directions: Choose only one situation below and answer the questions that follows base from the situation you've chosen. 1. Situation Number 1
Jun is a class achiever and is aiming to be on the honor roll this school year. Lately, he has learned to play online games and got hooked on a particular game. Now, he often neglects his studies and has been submitting his outputs late. His class adviser called his attention because his grades have plummeted. She even added that he might miss the meritorious award if he continues doing his unconcerned ways. If you were Jun, what would you do to maintain in the honors' list?

2. Situation Number 2
Gina, your friend, is a victim of bully in your school. Everyone mocks and makes fun of her. Your classmates write funny names and scribbles on a piece of paper and attaches this at Gina's back. There were also times when your naughty classmates placed a bubble gum on Gina's chair that when she sat, the gum stuck on her skirt. You know all that they were doing were wrong and you wanted to let them learn a lesson. What is the best way to do it?

1. What VUCA world is shown in the situation?
2. How would you resolve the existing problem?
3. What unchanging values would you employ to resolve the problem?


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    losing virginity is a problem to other women but i think they need to marry the right person before they do that kind of things

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    He slays tybalt and leaves as the prince approaches. benvolio explains the fight to prince escalus who declares that because  romeo  has killed in revenge he will be  banishedfrom the city of  verona  rather than sentenced to death. after a secret night with juliet,  romeo  flees to mantua.
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    This tale has a lot of versions. 
    theme: the tale of the woodcutter and the tiger is a korean folklore which shows character of korean people, courage and wit and filial piety.  the story was all about the woodcutter and the tiger. 
    conflict: the woodcutter meet a terrible tiger in the woods, ready to eat him up for lunch. 
    it takes place in the woods where the woodcutter outwits the tiger for letting him believe that he was his long lost brother they've been looking for who used to be human. because of the belief of being a human before, the tiger shows his dutifulness as a son by bringing gifts and dowry to the woodcutter's mother's grave. 
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    The hotel and restaurant management concentration provides specialized occupational instruction in all phases of hotel and restaurant management to prepare students for careers as managers/supervisors in the hospitality and tourism industry. 
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Directions: Choose only one situation below and answer the questions that follows base from the situ...