How do you sell the product to me


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    Non-experimental research  does not mean nonscientific.  non-experimental research  means there is a predictor variable or group of subjects that cannot be manipulated by the experimenter. typically, this means that other routes must be used to draw conclusions, such as correlation, survey or case  study.

    experimental research this is an experiment where the researcher manipulates one variable, and control/randomizes the rest of the variables. it has a control group, the subjects have been randomly assigned between the groups, and the researcher only tests one effect at a time.
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    It is really very heplful to carry books around, and so is carrying a cellphone. you'll just have to choose which one is more convenient and is hassle. it's the phone, i think.
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    Sa pagkakaalam ko, kapag fertilized ang egg cells ng isang babae (buntis) hindi sya dadatnan unless walang fertilization na naganap. try pregnancy test po for more accurate answers.
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    Nothing bc you have to do some math
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How do you sell the product to me...