It dies every day and lives every year


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    Is your question called a "bugtong"? Then I think the answer must be "CALENDAR". That statement contains logical thinking. Then imagine that the calendar always pass every day, like the date on this day is August 6 then tomorrow will be August 7. So as a result of that, if the tomorrow occurs, then this day will die eventually. And the calendar will be born again every year if the last month will end which is December. So the answer is "CALENDAR". If you want to make sure, it's better to search it on the internet or you should conduct some surveys just to make sure that your answer is right.

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    the most straightforward answer is simply that it's the best way to communicate and get most things done. technology is making our lives easier by making contacting our loved ones be as easy as simply hitting a button. to add more, things like the internet can help people learn more about the things they don't know, especially those who need remedies for specific things, health or education related. without technology, we have to do things manually and most of them require so much time.

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It dies every day and lives every year...