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Identify the part of the argumentative text where each excerpt falls. Choose the letter of your answer from the box.

A. Introduction B. Body C. Conclusion D. Technique

"As a matter of fact, the government planned to eradicate poverty as stated in the
Philippines Development Plan 2011-2016 (PDP). The PDP for those six years is an
annual economic growth of 7%- 8% and the achievement of the Millennium
Development Goals (MDGs)."


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    its easily to understand


    because of the we're curious about the person or the language he/she is using and also the technology we have now we easily search the things we'd like to know =d

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    keesh' marvelous hunting was finally revealed when the council put spies on his tracks as he went forth to hunt. the two spies recited what they saw. when keesh arrived from hunting, he was accused by one of the councils of witchcraft. he denied the accusation and demonstrated the mystery of his great hunting. he pronounced: " it is not witchcraft, its headcraft". 

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    what is the meaning of christmas

    every december 25 people especially christians celebrate, because it is said to be jesus christ's birthday.

    on christmas day people should be willing to forgive. at christmas the children are happy because they receive gifts and letters. the children also want to see santa claus.

    we filipinos also traditionally prepare food at christmas. some of the foods we prepare are lechon, queso de bola, ham, spaghetti etc.


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Identify the part of the argumentative text where each excerpt falls. Choose the letter of your an...